About Us

Morris Management Partners, Inc. is a consulting and business development firm serving IT channel companies. Our services are delivered in a flexible format based on client requirements, including

· Private consulting projects              
· Ongoing coaching services              
· Private or Public training events     
· Speaking at conferences or events

Our point of view on how to build a business that thrives in the technology channel has been refined over decades of combined exprience in the technology industry. Having worked with, for, and around small and large technology solution providers, IT distributors, and vendor companies ranging from the most established Fortune 500 companies to spunky new start-ups, it's our position that the business dynamics of the channel have changed substantially over the past few years -- and these changes require channel companies to adapt, or disappear.

The new conditions in the IT market represent a rare and lucrative opportunity for new players to establish a position of competitive advantage -- or for established companies to reinvent themselves and leap ahead into a new period of sustained growth. The only option that's not available is standing still. Yesterday's best practices simply won't win any longer.
And that's why this firm exists. To apply years of experience and unparalleled perspective about how to build a technology business through indirect channels to market.

Business Principals

Annisa Johnson Morris

President/Owner, MMP, Inc.
Annisa has more than 19 years of experience in field sales, marketing, and channel management in the technology and telecommunications industry. Prior to starting MMP, Annisa was a Partner Sales Manager for Panasonic. In addition, Annisa has driven channel programs and sales performance for major vendor companies such as 3M, Worldcom, Winstar, and Qwest.Through hands-on management of individual partnerships, recruiting programs, and sales quotas, Annisa has an intimate understanding of the practical reality of making indirect channels function properly at the point of execution. Annisa has designed, implemented, and personally managed hundreds of channel sales and marketing initiatives with solution providers and distributors.In the area of solution provider sales, Annisa has hands-on experience in designing incentive programs, training programs, and accountability programs to create new business opportunities and install-base retention.In addition to running the business operations of MMP, Annisa is also responsible for leading our sales and client support organization.

Ryan Morris

Principal Consultant/ VP of Sales, MMP, Inc.
Ryan has more than 24 years of experience in marketing, sales, and management in the technology industry. Prior to joining MMP, Ryan was the WW Practice Director for Channel Development and Consulting at IPED (a division of Everything Channel). Through the unparalleled research assets of IPED, Ryan worked to identify and implement best practices for business development, marketing, and sales for vendors, distributors, and solution providers.

Through face-to-face experience with literally thousands of solution providers, Ryan has gained a detailed understanding of the business issues facing IT channel companies, and how to maximize their growth and profitability. Ryan has a unique ability to crystallize the business implications of complex technologies and implement strategic sales and marketing programs that communicate a compelling reason to buy -- based on clear business benefits, not convoluted speeds-and-feeds. For solution providers, Ryan has become the most compelling source of strategy and tactics in the areas of building profitable business models, establishing successful service practices, and selling in a competitive market.

On the vendor side of the technology business, Ryan has been a leading voice on building the channel of the future, and uncovering best practices for translating channel strategy into actual sales results through effective execution. Ryan has designed and delivered widely adopted principles for engaging all aspects of the vendor machine in the channel execution strategy: product management, sales teams, business leadership, financial teams, etc. He is uniquely able to connect the interests of various vendor functions to gain commitment around the critical role of sales channels.

Ryan is also a nationally recognized sales trainer and business management speaker. His services are in demand by Fortune 500 firms and savvy startups alike. Over the years, Ryan has delivered a message of consultative selling, dynamic differentiation, and visionary business leadership to thousands of sales, marketing, and business leaders. His presentations are delivered in public and private venues from conferences to seminars, sales meetings to annual meetings, for audiences ranging from 10s to 1000s.