"Virtual Sales Manager with Morris Management Partners has been one of the best investments I have made.  I am a small business executive who wears many hats out of necessity.  Ryan’s regular weekly sales calls with measured results has kept my sales executives more focused on the things that move our business forward.  The sales team benefits from the cadence and focus.  I benefit from using Ryan’s sales process tools, and I free up at least 40 hours a month of sales management time that I was not doing very well.  This outsourcing makes sense for most VAR’s like managed services makes sense for small businesses outsourcing technology support. "

Bruce Enright
Owner / President
Tallgrass Technologies

I would like to recommend Ryan Morris and team for the Virtual Sales Manager program.  Prior to forming a partnership with Ryan and team, PCS Mobile had no dedicated sales manager.  Like many small companies, PCS Mobile believed we could not afford a full-time sales manager.  The budget did not allow for this position and the task of Sales Manager fell on the owner.  

When sales were growing, we felt we had a handle on our sales pipeline and predictability.  When sales dropped off and revenue predictability became a serious issue, we knew we had to get assistance.  Ryan and team have created a program that provides tools that allow us to help track and guide key performance issues that we have deemed important to our success.

Since we started the program, we have a measurable, system that we can continue to grow and expand. The program fits in our budget, the management at PCS Mobile can reach out at any time for advice or suggestions, and my team feels they have support at a professional level to assist them meet their sales goals. I would highly recommend the VSM program.

Kathy Pakkebier
Owner / President
PCS Mobile

As a historically engineering-focused company trying to grow & develop our sales team, the VSM program has been immensely helpful. The program has helped our sales reps learn the importance of understanding the customer and what they are trying to achieve as well as how and what questions ask customers to uncover additional cross-selling opportunities. Our reps are learning how to build and monitor a sales pipeline, how to forecast revenue more accurately, and as a result of our participation in the program, our reps now have more confidence when talking to customers & developing leads, and our overall revenue has increased.

Julie Allen
Inside Sales Manager
Carolina Advanced Digital